It is with great sadness that Pilbara Solar announces the resignation of Raylene Button from our Board. Raylene is an exceptional leader in the Pilbara region and she will be sadly missed as part of our team.

Raylene is a Kariyarra woman born in Port Hedland and is deeply passionate about creating a positive future for her people. She is university educated, and known for her abilities to comprehend the complex negotiations and discussion which occur in the Native Title process. Raylene is proud of her role in establishing the Kariyarra Youth Education Program to teach leaderships skills, culture/heritage knowledge, land management negotiation skills, and to encourage children to pursue their dreams. She is highly respected for many other major contributions she has made in her local community.

As a new company, Pilbara Solar was honoured that such a respected, Pilbara Aboriginal person joined our Board. Raylene’s contribution has been significant, providing cultural insight and local knowledge, as well as kudos and gravitas. We are grateful for the representations Raylene made on our behalf, and for her acumen in navigating the local communities in the Pilbara.
Raylene remains highly supportive of the Pilbara Solar model, to bring indigenous ownership into the renewable energy sector.
We thank her for her wonderful contribution and wish her all the best in her future roles.

Pilbara Solar in currently under taking a search for an Indigenous person to fill Raylene’s role.