Pilbara Solar is excited to announce it has secured exclusive distribution rights to the ‘Gilghi’ remote water treatment technology, for the Kimberley, Pilbara and Gascoyne regions of Western Australia.

The Gilghi is the result of a collaboration between Aurecon and Ampcontrol, combining Ampcontrol’s electrical systems design and manufacturing capability with Aurecon’s process and hydrology expertise.

The system is efficient, transportable and solar powered, transforming undrinkable bore water into pure water. Gilghi means “water” or “place of water” in Barkindji language of Far West New South Wales.

Ampcontrol Chair and Managing Director Rod Henderson said they are looking forward to working with Pilbara Solar to create solutions for remote communities.

“We are excited to have Pilbara Solar distributing the Gilghi into the North and Mid West regions of Western Australia. Pilbara Solar’s on the ground understanding make them the perfect partner to deploy the Gilghi into regional and remote communities in this part of Australia,” Mr Henderson said.

The Gilghi uses solar power to purify water during the day and then at night, a community’s reticulation system picks up the stored, treated water and distributes it. The innovative design that allows the system to be housed on site, also means that expensive potable water is no longer needed to be transported in by truck.

Dr Richard Finlay-Jones, Project Director for Pilbara Solar said it is exciting news for remote Aboriginal communities pastoralists and miners who rely on groundwater for their water supply.

“The opportunities for the Gilghi technology are tremendous. For less than one cent per litre, each unit can produce 28,000 litres of potable water per day from bore and other types of poor-quality water sources,” Dr Finlay-Jones said. “It’s also scalable, so multiple units can be deployed as required.”

“The Gilghi can provide clean drinking water to communities, pastoral stations and mine sites, and it can also protect smaller electrical systems from the high concentrations of minerals in found in some ground water that damage air conditioners, hot water systems, toilet cisterns and other equipment designed for “softer water systems.”

The pilot Gilghi project located in Alice Springs is being followed by projects in the Upper Hunter of NSW and to date has produced excellent results.

Pilbara Solar Director, Traditional Owner and Kariyarra woman Raylene Button said “Having clean, accessible water means everything to regional and remote communities. Not just for drinking water, but for essential everyday equipment such as air-conditioners and also health equipment. Clean water is also important for caring for natural vegetation, and continuing cultural activities on-Country. This is a step towards Closing the Gap for Aboriginal people.”

The official national product launch will be held on 22 August in Alice Springs. Gilghi treatment plants will be available through Pilbara Solar from 12 August.

For quotes and procurement enquiries, contact Pilbara Solar 0414 555 846 or 0403 194 531.

For further information about the treatment plant click here.