WARNING: This website may contain the names and images of Aboriginal people who have passed away

Our projects deliver

  • Return on investment
  • Local knowledge
  • Support local job creation
  • Opportunities for economic independence and self-sustainable Aboriginal communities
  • Closing the Gap reform targets
  • Reconciliation Action Plan goals
  • Reduce reliance on fossil fuels and accelerate our transition to renewable energy sources

Forging strong partnerships between First Nations people, local businesses and communities.

Aboriginal Ownership & Benefits Brochure 

We are addressing UN Sustainability Goals

We all have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and we are committed to making changes that address some
of the most pressing challenges of our generation.

Our services and products align strongly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals relevant to your business, communities and industry.

We can help your business make positive, lasting change and build a sustainable future for all.

Wherever possible, we create opportunities for Aboriginal equity ownership in all renewable energy assets we develop.
The Gilghi transportable solar powered water filtration system delivers clean and safe drinking water to regional and remove communities.
Delivery of high quality commercial scale renewable energy solutions including off-grid, grid-connected and hybrid systems, with wind, solar and storage systems.
Develop new local industry, workforce and supply chains for innovative technology and build infrastructure including clean water and renewable power supply.
Social benefits for Traditional Owners such as long term income from equity ownership, employment, contracting, training in the renewable energy industry, and ancillary business opportunities.
Cities, towns, communities. and industry are supplied with renewable energy, and remote and regional communities have access to clean water.
Reduction of CO2 emissions through using solar and wind power.
Partner with Aboriginal People, industry and government to achieve sustainable development goals.

Connect with us and support local communities.