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Land Tenure, site assessment and location prospecting

There are many variables to consider when selecting the right location for your project and navigating Western Australia’s land tenure system – let us do the work for you.

Spatial mapping services

Spatial data is an integral component of all energy projects and gives us the ability to make informed decisions from the pre-feasibility stage right through to design and construction. We can analyse potential project locations and highlight any constraints right from the start. We also have the ability to capture video footage and aerial photography from a drone.

Resource assessment

Prior to planning a renewable energy project it’s essential to understand the renewable energy resources available, including solar irradiation and wind variability of the site. We offer resource management programs and reporting to improve understanding of site characteristics and validation of its quality.

Stakeholder liaison

Our established relationships with practitioners, industry organisations, government and communities can help you identify stakeholders so you can manage your project with ease.

Community consultation and engagement

Following best practice principles in community consultation and engagement, we will work with you and your communities to achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved.

Feasibility assessment

Evaluating the site and economic feasibility of a renewables project during the initial design phase is an essential step in the development process. We can provide the support needed to evaluate a project’s feasibility and the economics influencing its development.

Matching projects to loads

The right mix of technologies is necessary to maximise efficiencies, minimise losses and increase grid reliability through diversity. We can assist you to work with an integrated energy source that meets your requirements.

Design & construction of renewable energy projects

Our team can work with you to move beyond assessments and feasibility studies to help develop productive workflows, achieve collaboration, and enable efficiencies in the design and construction phases of renewable energy projects.

Channelling Western Australia’s renewable energy back into our State.

We develop commercial renewable energy projects in which Aboriginal people have the opportunity to own equity. We support the development of sustainable local supply chains, and aim to engage local and Aboriginal businesses wherever possible.

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