We have a proud tradition of women and First Nations women playing a role on the Pilbara Solar board and in senior leadership roles. Half of Pilbara Solar’s board is women!

In previous years, our board has also had the honour of being represented by highly respected First Nations leaders from across the Pilbara and Gascoyne regions such as Kariyarra woman Raylene Button (2017-2018) and Nyiyaparli woman Natalie Parker (2019-2022). These are both highly respected and senior women who are deeply involved in many projects and boards across the Pilbara. It has been an honour and privilege to collaborate with them and we thank both Natalie and Raylene for their contribution.

We also recently welcomed Mrs Doris Eaton to our board, who is a deeply respected and connected Njamal and Pitjikarli Elder from the eastern Pilbara region. Our Managing Director Kylie Chalmers, and Director Samantha Mella have also been members of the board since Pilbara Solar was founded in 2017.

In 2023, we want to continue to empower First Nations people to develop and own renewable energy assets on their land. Our goal is to support equal participation of First Nations peoples in the renewable energy sector and in WA’s economy.